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Cook+Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre prices for 2019.

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges Features

Fees and Charges

Adult Casual Pool Entry $7.80 

Concession Casual Pool Entry $5.80 

Family Casual Pool Entry $20.70 

Below is a list of membership fees. Our fitness memberships include a fitness consultation and ongoing assistance where we work to keep you continually motivated and excited about visiting the centre.

360 PRO gives you access to the five amazing City of Sydney pools and fitness programs - $56.70 per fortnight

360 ACTIVE gives you access three iconic outdoor pools with gym access at Victoria Park Pool and a

range of outdoor fitness programs - $40.50 per fortnight

360 GO is for those who just want to swim. Enjoy the flexibility with 360 Pro or 360 Active with a ‘swim-only’ 20-visit pass.


Enjoy all five pools for a 20 pass visit $124.80*

*Standard concession rate available. Family memberships are not included. Membership and facility terms and conditions apply.

360 PRO Corporate Rates 

option also available. 

A nominal joining fee applies to all new memberships 

Fitness: $51

Concession: $38.30

Enquire about our other memberships including:

Swim and Water Safety, Family, 360PRO Concession, 360PRO Senior, Squads, Casual entry, Multi Visit passes, Companion Card, 360 City Access Card