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Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer, there is a swim squad that’s just right for you.

Swim Squads

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Swim Squads

For the competitive or recreational swimmer, professional coaches in our swim squad program provide advanced stroke correction and technique advice so swimmers of all ages can reach personal goals and achieve fitness results.

Squads are great way to stay fit and healthy in the pool and offer a progressive pathway from our swimming lessons. We create a team environment that brings everyone together and puts the fun back into swimming.

  • Blue Squad
  • Bronze Squad
  • Silver Squad
  • Gold Squad 
  • City of Sydney Aquatic Club (COSAC)

For the latest squad timetable please see: Squad Timetable

Blue Squad:
The Junior SwimFit Squad is a non-competitive fitness squad designed for swimmers aged between 6 - 18 years old who wish to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and enjoyment whilst further developing their technique of all strokes. Swimmers in the Junior SwimFit Squad will have the opportunity throughout the term to develop their skills for their school swimming carnival, and the opportunity to progress to bronze squad, if desired. Swimmers generally swim between 1,500m and 2,500m per session with repeat lengths of between 25m and 200m.

Bronze Squad:
2 - 3 sessions per week
Swimmers must be competent in the four main swimming strokes, as well as race skills such as dives and turns. Swimmers participating are required to race at the monthly Club Race Night (last Friday of every month) and development meets. Minimum age is six years old.

Silver Squad:
Junior Development, 4 - 8 sessions per week
Swimmers must demonstrate a proven record of competitive swimming at the regional and state level. Swimmers are required to compete at the monthly Club Race Night and interclub competitions. Required to attend two morning sessions per week. Minimum age is eight years old.

Gold Squad:
Junior Competitive Swimming Squads, 6 - 8 sessions per week
Joining the squad requires a history of competitive swimming at the state and national level. All swimmers must compete at Club Race Night (last Friday of every month), and metropolitan, state and national competitions. Minimum age is 12 years old.

City of Sydney Aquatic Club (COSAC):
Established in 2008, the club emerged as a training program for talented swimmers looking to take the first step into competitive swimming. The swimming club has developed and progressed to over 170 swimmers who are training, competing or representing COSAC at regional, state and national swimming competitions.
In its short history the club has produced a number of NSW, Australian and International representatives. The program at Cook+Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre develops athletic qualities and our swimmers at COSAC are able to enjoy a fun and professional environment.

Becoming a COSAC member
In order for your child to compete for COSAC they have become a member of Swimming NSW (annual membership starting from September of each year). Please note: Squad members must register with Swimming NSW to compete in club race nights and development meets.