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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 24-09-2019

Centre Upgrade Information

Centre Upgrade Information

We are improving the facilities at Cook+Phillip Park Pool for the community to enjoy.

The works will include:

  • improving the reception area and retail space
  • installing a new lift and access gates
  • upgrading fixtures, fittings and shower cubicles in the change rooms
  • repairing ceilings, walls and floors and upgrading ventilation
  • restoring the seating by the 50-metre pool and leisure pool.

Works are expected to be complete in spring 2019.

The centre will remain open during this time. Any noisy and dusty works will be done out of hours.

Throughout the works there will always be change rooms and poolside seating available. There are signs in place to help you find alternative facilities.

The lift is now operational. When using the lift, please go to level 2 to sign in with our reception team. If you require level 1 access, our team will be able to assist and ensure you have a safe and memorable time at our centre. 

Reception is now complete, and the turnstiles are projected to be complete by mid October 2019. During this time, members will need to scan in with their membership card. If you do not have one, please chat to our friendly team next time you are in centre.

Additionally, the hydrotherapy change rooms are open now. The poolside change rooms and poolside seating area is projected to be complete by mid October 2019.

If you have any questions or feedback please chat to one of our friendly staff at reception. 

News Summary

We are improving the facilities at Cook + Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre for the community to enjoy. Here's what you need to know.

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