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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 08-05-2017

City2Surf Conditioning and Strength Program

City2Surf Conditioning and Strength Program

The Offer:

-       2 x 45 min consultations with a CPP Gym Instructor

-       A fortnightly email/handout with tips surrounding long distance running.


-       Program duration: 19th June – 13th August (8 weeks)

-       Initial and secondary consultations taken 2 weeks prior to program commencement, starting 5th of June

-       City 2 Surf Race: Sunday 13th August

The program is designed to provide individuals with a tailored program for people in entering the City2Surf run. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or 100th time.

Program training for the 8-week period will be segmented based on fitness capabilities into 3 categories;

  • Beginner – Runners planning to finish over 100 minutes
  • Intermediate – Runners aiming for 70 – 100 minutes
  • Advance – Runners aiming for under 70 minutes

As part of the program, you will receive aided resistance training schedule.

Work with you on correct exercise technique, nutritional advice and exercise programming

We will initially assess where you currently are and what time you want to achieve

We will provide an online forum for all participants, to designed to share training tips, suggestions, recommendations, support, further advice and education

Cost is $50 for 8 week program. You’ll also receive a merchandise pack. 

Please note; $50 program fee does not give you access to the gym for the 8+ weeks. It is an additional cost on top of gym access

TO BOOK INTO THE PROGRAM PHONE: 02 9326 0444 or email info.cpp@belgravialeisure.com.au 

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Would you like to achieve your personal best in this year’s 2017 City2Surf?

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