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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 18-08-2017

Get fit this Spring

Get fit this Spring

Spring is all about new beginnings – be it turning over a brand new leaf or injecting life into tired old routines – which makes this season the perfect time to start shaping up and slimming down. Kickstart your journey to better fitness now with these expert tips.

Look at the bigger slim-down picture

the best motivators for exercising and continuing to exercise are those that really hit home for you, that means something to you personally. For example, the desire to be able to achieve something positive, such as wanting to be fitter so that you can keep up more easily with your children when you’re kicking that soccer ball around. The bottom line? If you’re working towards a long-term goal – as opposed to a short-term desire to slim down for just one season – it’s far more likely that you will be able to sustain it.

The outdoor workout

Once you start thinking about spring as an opportunity to get active, the exercise options are endless – particularly when you make it a priority to try something new, or shake up your normal workout by changing the backdrop. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started:

Tighten and tone up

Walking along any shape or form of sand is an extremely effective way to exercise. Sand provides good resistance, which makes walking just that little bit more challenging. The other great thing is that by getting outside into the fresh air for your walk, your state of mind and vitamin D levels will benefit, too.

Get fit with friends

Looking to try a team sport? In spring, options include traditional choices, such as tennis and cricket, but also water-based sports including rowing and even dragon boat racing. 

Try a water workout

This is a low-impact exercise option, which is important if you’re carrying an injury. Swimming gives a full-body workout. It isn’t weight bearing but provides a fantastic cardiovascular and resistance exercise rolled into one. And if fitness levels won’t allow more than a few minutes of swimming at a time, don’t worry. Walk through the water as fast as you can instead – the resistance of the water means this is still an effective way to exercise 

Dance yourself slim

Whether it’s salsa, jive or ballroom, getting into the groove at a dance class once a week will blitz the kilos and help get your blood pumping. Apart from being a physical and social activity (which can increase your motivation to attend), dancing also has a range of other body benefits, such as improving your coordination, balance and muscle tone.

Walk off the weight

Like the idea of fresh air and a free workout? Bushwalking is the ideal choice for maintaining and improving cardiovascular fitness, along with really strengthening the lower body. As you become more experienced and can take part in more challenging walks, incorporate steeper hills and even rockier inclines and declines.

Boost your bike IQ

Bike riding can be a great way to increase fitness gradually, as you progress from slow, easy cycling to more explosive interval sprints. It’s also a perfect way to tone your thighs and calves. 



News Summary

Shake off the cold and unlock your slimmest, healthiest body – just in time for summer. All it takes is this simple outdoor exercise plan.

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