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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 15-02-2017

NEW Spin Classes

NEW Spin Classes

Our experienced trainers are always looking at ways to keep members motivated with new and challenging classes. Starting on Monday 27th Feb we will be trialling new spin classes. Burn calories fast and get the heart rate pumping with Xpress and Xtreme Spin:

  • Xpress Spin: A cardiovascular, butt-kicking 30 minute workout that takes you on a stationary but sweaty ride of your life!
  • Xtreme Spin: An intense challenging class that will target fat burning! Each muscle group will be used to its maximum capability using our new Schwinn Performance Plus Carbon Blue Spin Bikes!

Tone your core, arms, legs, butts and back simultaneously in these exciting new classes. In a 45 min period of spin training you will burn 600 calories! Classes will be running from 27th Feb – 26th Mar.

Xpress Spin: Monday 7am and Friday 10am / Xtreme Spin: Tuesday 1pm and Wednesday 7am

Classes will be run in the Health Club. For more information, contact 02 9326 0444.

News Summary

Ready to burn some calories?! Introducing Xpress and Extreme Spin! Starting Monday 27th February.

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