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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 12-11-2016

NEW Yogalates Class at Cook + Phillip Park

NEW Yogalates Class at Cook + Phillip Park

New to Thursday's - YOGALATES lead by Zora

There are many benefits of Yogalates, including: 


1 Detoxifying the body

Due to the stretches and sometimes demanding positions which Yogalates demand, which all stimulate the muscles and internal organs, you will experience increased blood flow to all parts of the body which can help the body recover faster and flush out any possible toxins which can often accumulate in the tissues.

2 Calorie burning & weight loss

When paired with a balanced diet and a healthy active lifestyle, you will gain the most benefits from practicing Yogalates and burn those unwanted calories. Moreover, the more you practice Yogalates the more you will be able to do so don’t be afraid to try new exercises and get involved in new fitness paths.

If you would like to try and experience the benefits of Yogalates, then join the class on Thursday's at 6:30pm.


News Summary

Relax, detox and burn calories at Yogalates.

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