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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 03-07-2017

Nutritional and training advice from a PT

Nutritional and training advice from a PT

Alicja Slazak, Personal Trainer at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic and Fitness Centre, shares her typical day of clean eating and training and provides us with her top tips to help you have a productive day too.

6am Wake Up

6:00am wake up call, sees me heading straight to the kitchen to boil up some water for my digestive kick start, tablespoon apple cider vinegar, squeeze of lemon juice, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon concoction. Makes you feel nice and warm and sets your metabolism ready to go. I usually follow this up with a dandelion tea with coconut milk, as you can never get enough fluids in the morning so why not make them warm and tasty! Changing into the gym gear, bags and food packed from the night before, do a quick little 5-10 minute meditation guide before heading out the door, thanks to the million apps that can be found on the IPhone and then head straight out the door for an early morning session.

7am Gym Session

I love getting my morning off to a good start with a good ol’ lifting session in the gym, sets the intention for the day and lifts your mood instantly. My go to exercises will always involve some kind of strength training with a little bit of cardio thrown in at the end as a final kicker. Today’s workout went a little something like:

Mobility and Activation: Love the use of dynamic stretches for this one, gets every muscle firing. Included torso twists, glute bridges, cat and cow, active adductor stretching, banded shoulder dislocations, banded back activation, some banded monster walks and crab walks to make sure the glutes are doing their job.

Workout Set: My favourite type of day; back day

A1: Semi-Supinated Negative Chin Up – 4 sets : 8 reps

A2: Neutral Grip Seated Row – 4 sets : 10 rep 

B1: Trap Bar Temp Rack Pull – 3 sets : 8 reps

B2: Pronated Tempo Pull Up – 3 sets: 12 reps

C1: Klokov Press Tempo – 3 sets : 12 reps

D1: Rower: 4 rounds 250m row : 90 sec rest

9am Work Begins

Walking through the door, I always make sure to have a quick catch up with the gym floor staff and see how their morning has been and how they are going. After finishing a gym session, breakfast is a must. So from my goodie bag, of ‘here’s what I prepared earlier’ it’s smoothie time! Filled with some vegan protein powder (salted caramel for the sweet tooth), spinach, celery, avocado and coconut milk. Fats, carbs, and protein check and easily digestible.

It’s then straight to business, checking through emails, appointments and setting out the day’s tasks that need to be completed, our Face2Face progression and checking in with upcoming appointments scheduled with our members. Our Face2Face program definitely keeps us all very busy down on the gym floor but has been such a great addition. It’s so great to have that face time with our members, discussing their goals, building programs, showing them through their workouts and best of all the surprised faces when they have lost those few centimetres off their waist! Without doubt one of the best things we could be a part of, meeting all our members and spending some quality time with each one getting to know them.

12pm Lunch Time

After the day’s appointments and emails and my stomachistelling me it’s food time, lunch has arrived! I always like to prepare my meals the night before so I am ready to go for the next day. I like to make sure my body always keeps getting stimulated, so my days always vary. Today on the menu was a vegetable soup, with carrots, spinach, nori, coconut oil, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, celery and a lot of spices, again to kick start the digestion and add fuel to the fire with some ginger, turmeric, coriander, fennel seeds, cayenne pepper, oregano and apple cider vinegar. Never underestimate the use of spices to add that flavour punch!

4pm Snack Attack

To make things really easy I do like to cook in a big batch so my day in meals are covered for the next day. So from the batch of hearty soup I made the previous night, I will also have a smaller quick warm up snack to get over that afternoon slump. I really find the ginger kick boosts up my energy levels to help power through to the afternoon.  

6pm Clients

After all the admin and working day done, it’s client time, my absolute favourite! When your client’s have had a hard and rough day at work the best thing about my job is the smile and of course sweat to see when they are done after our session. I always ask my clients how they are feeling and how their body is feeling. I have set programs in place for each one of my clients, but depending on the day and how they, and their bodies are feeling we might change things up like a solid boxing session to get all the days frustrations out.

830pm Dinner

First thing when I get home, I have food on my mind, so dinner is a calling. As winter has fully set in, all my meals are really based on being warm and hearty. So veggie curry it is! With some Masterchef skills in the making, or at least trying, it’s a cauliflower and broccoli fried rice, topped with some coconut milk, spice flavoured curry made from spinach, nori and asparagus and a hot smoked salmon fillet topped with a handful of pumpkin seeds. Once dishes are done and food is prepped and packed for the next day, its Netflix catch up time.

10pm Meditation & Sleep

My mind never stops buzzing at night, so before bed I schedule in a 5-10 minute guided meditation, and before I know it out like a light.

Take Home Tips

-          Always listen to your body, whether that comes to food or exercise, your body is such a smart piece of machinery and sometimes you just need to focus on what your body is really asking for and why

-          Always drink your water, set a time limit, say every 30 minutes and just take a sip of water. Flavour your water with raw cacao powder for some chocolate goodness

-          Any type of movement is good movement, you don’t need to be dripping wet at the end of your session, as long as you’re moving that’s what counts!

News Summary

Here are some top tips on ensuring you have a healthy and productive day from our Personal Trainer Alicja.

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