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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 08-03-2017

Staying Motivated This Autumn

Staying Motivated This Autumn

Autumn is traditionally the time when we all start to lose a bit of our summer training mojo and start to slack off a little bit. As the mornings get darker and colder it gets harder and harder to get out of bed and train. Try these tips to get back on track and stay motivated through the cooler months.

1. Revisit Your Goals

This is a really good time of year to revisit and renew your goals. Revisiting your New Year's goals with your trainer will help keep you motivated and see just how far you have come in the first few months of the year.

2. Wind Back Your Expectations

So many times, people hit their new year training at maximum speed and completely overdo it; from no running at all, to 5-10km every day, from no gym time to hour long sessions every lunch hour. For many, this can start to feel overwhelming pretty quickly, from the time commitment to the sore muscles. Consistency will get the best results every single time, so wind back your expectations and just commit to 2-3 sessions of intensity per week, whether that be at the gym, group fitness, personal training, or a fast paced run.

3. Join a program

Joining something new can to reignite the fire and give you a community of like-minded people to stay accountable to. Our Face2Face program will keep your motivated all year long. It's a program that guarentees results. http://www.cookandphillip.org.au/facilities/face2face-

4. Buy some new toys to get you revved up.

Whether it’s a few new pieces to add to your fitness wardrobe, a fitness tracker like a FitBit to track your progress, or membership to an app to serve up workouts directly to your phone, new toys always get you pumped to start moving again.

5.  Don’t Forget The Classics

Rope in a buddy to train with you and set a goal together, then keep each other accountable. Plan your workouts into your diary as if they were appointments with yourself. Sign up to something you have to train for, like a fun run or obstacle race. According to US fitness site Runtastic, up to 40% of people stop attending the gym on a regular basis if they attend on their own. However, if they attend with a friend, this statistic drops to 6%! Good news for members, you can bring a friend for FIVE DAYS FOR FREE. Ask at Reception next time you visit.


Source: The Australian Institute of Fitness.

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Try these tips to keep your motivation levels up through the cooler months.

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