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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 18-10-2016

Team Competitions at Cook + Phillip

Team Competitions at Cook + Phillip

The Mozzie Legends were formed in April 2001 when Cook and Philip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre set up its first futsal competition. The Mozzie Legends are a bunch of accountants keen to play footy, particularly as a few of them were no good at mixed netball! 15 years later they are still going strong and about to embark on their 60th season! Amazing effort! 

Here’s some facts about the Mozzie Legends:

  • More than 50 players have worn the Mozzie Legend shirt
  • 43 different players have scored for the Mozzies
  • We’ve scored 1,798 goals in 59 seasons – that’s just over 30 goals per season
  • The average age of the current squad is 43
  • 5 out of the current squad of 9 played in the first game
  • 3 guys in the squad have played in every season
  • We’ve played in 9 finals and won 4 comps
  • We played in the first two finals in the first two seasons of the comp and lost them both!
  • We last won a comp in September 2007
  • The oldest player is 48 and the youngest player is 39
  • We were sponsored by the William Hotel for a couple of years
  • We have played a total of more than 600 matches

Congratulations Mozzie Legends!

To find out about registering a team visit http://www.cookandphillip.org.au/facilities/stadium 

News Summary

Meet the Mozzie Legends, a team of accounts that have been playing futsul together for 15 years and who are about to embark on their 60th season at Cook + Phillip Park!

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