What's On Blog / 5 Swim Tips from Head Coach Goran Rajchinoski to Improve Your Freestyle Speed

Published by Cook Phillip Park : 02-03-2018

5 Swim Tips from Head Coach Goran Rajchinoski to Improve Your Freestyle Speed

5 Swim Tips from Head Coach Goran Rajchinoski to Improve Your Freestyle Speed

Goran is the head coach at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre. He has produced outstanding results and was nominated for Coach of the Year at the Annual Deaf Sports Award for his work with young swimmers with disabilities.

Whether you’re just starting off on your swimming journey or you’re already a well-tuned athlete, we could all use a little help when it comes perfecting our stroke. So, here are five easy tips from Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre’s very own head coach. Follow these, and your freestyle will come along swimmingly (we couldn’t resist).

Reaction Time

When it comes to swimming, every second counts and according to Goran even half of one.

“You can drop a part of a second simply by getting off the blocks a little faster with more strength, the best way to improve your start reaction is to implement into your training routine”.

Creative Power on the Block

To an untrained eye, it may seem like a swimmer is just propelling themselves from the block and hoping for the best, but in fact, different components are working together to ensure the swimmer arrives in the water most effectively and powerfully.

 “On the block, you have four contacts to push or pull. Make sure have your arms tight and pull with both arms, as well as push with both legs of the block.”

Tighten up your streamline

A good streamline form can make a world of difference to a swimmer. At its most basic it refers to the technique used at the start of a race or on a turn. Streamline form is used, along with a dolphin kick or flutter kick, to create the least amount of resistance.

“Streamline is one of the easiest methods for a faster freestyle.

From the start, you carry your highest speed. Therefore, a perfect streamline is necessary for speed maintenance. For the better streamline, lock your arms behind your head squeezing the arms together and reaching as far forward as possible.”

Less Breathing

Restricting breathing isn’t advice we receive very often, but when it comes to freestyle the longer you hold your breath, the faster you’re likely to race.

“Reduce your breathing on your 50 meters Freestyle race, practice swimming as far and fast as possible without breathing. Work only with your coach for this kind of training.”

Propulsion and Distance Per Stroke

The fastest swimmers have all mastered the balance between power and efficiency, by developing a feel for the water and conserving their energy by reducing strokes per lap.

“Reduce your drag to a minimum then work on improving your propulsion. And reduce your strokes per lap.”

We know that is advice is often easier said than done but the only way to achieve success is through practice. Head down to one of your local pools now to work on your freestyle.








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