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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 11-06-2019

Kait's Face2Face Journey

Kait's Face2Face Journey

Meet Kait, she is about to step into her first Face2Face session. It has been a while since Kait was a member of a gym and she’s looking to make exercise a regular part of her routine. Lately, she’s been feeling unmotivated and tired, and as the winter months approach, she wants to kick-start her fitness goals into action. She’s feeling slightly nervous and hopeful. As a mother of three, in the past, Kait often found it hard to fit exercise into her busy schedule.

Kait currently works in the city, she heard about the Face2Face program that is offered here at Cook and Phillip Aquatic Centre from some of her colleagues.

If you haven’t heard of Face2Face, let us break it down for you. The program gives you access to a free personalised fitness and well-being program over the course of five weeks. What could be better than that?  

We tailor your personal fitness plan using the latest scientific approach and most time efficient techniques, so you never get bored or miss out because you are too busy.

Each week, for five weeks, your dedicated fitness professional will meet with you to discuss topics such as workouts, eating habits, and how to take your workouts to the next level.

So, Kait’s about to step into her first session, what does that look like? This session will allow Kait to meet some of our team in the gym and explain to our coach her goals and needs. Her measurements will be taken, and her goals will be discussed throughout the session, she will set benchmarks of where her fitness and health is now and where she wants it to be in the next six weeks and the future.

Watch this space to follow Kait’s Face2Face Journey throughout the next six weeks. To find out more about Face2Face visit our website here

News Summary

Kait is about to step into her first Face2Face session. Watch this space as we follow Kait through this journey.

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