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Published by Cook Phillip Park : 03-04-2017

Tips to stay fit and healthy this Easter

Tips to stay fit and healthy this Easter

Easter is just around the corner so it means there will be plenty of non-healthy foods to tempt you. The Easter holidays are filled with temptation but you can take these easy steps to stay fit and healthy this holiday.

Exchange non-chocolate gifts

Most of us receive chocolate gifts from family or friends at Easter. Whilst it isn’t practical or tactful to tell everyone you meet to not give you chocolate, you could broach the subject with close family or friends. Let them know that you are happy to return the favour by providing a gift that won’t be bad for their health. Many stores are now catering to Easter gift-giving with egg or bunny themed toys, books, candles, keepsakes and clothing.

Watch your portion sizes 

When you are travelling and eating out at a restaurant, plan ahead by looking up the menu online and choosing the healthiest option before you arrive. This makes your decision easier on the day, helping you avoid bad food choices. Fill your plate with vegetables, go easy on the carbs and keep your protein to a fist-sized serving. At the end of the meal, opt for herbal tea, black tea or black coffee. Easter is a time to say no to dessert at meal time if you are eating chocolate snacks.

Exercise is key

Just because the Easter long weekend is 4 days, don’t take 4 days off your training schedule. Try to fit in a workout every day, especially if you are eating more. Make exercise the occasion. Celebrate with family and friends over a game of tennis, a trip to the beach (beach volleyball or a walk/run included), or a bike ride at the park instead of a huge cook up or restaurant meal. These are just a few ideas. Start thinking of ways to socialise and stay active at the same time.

Be creative

Think outside the box of your normal exercise routine. Try to remember exercises, stretches and routines that you do each week in a class or with your trainer and do these on your own. Learn from your current routine at home so you can take it away and mix and match while you are travelling. Try new things!

Discover the area on foot or by bike

Swap heels for trainers and see the sites. Even if you’re on a shopping weekend, you can get up a bit earlier or take time during the afternoon to walk the city. Explore the shops before they open to know your way around. The best way to get a feel for the place you are staying is to discover it on foot or by bicycle.

Use nature as your gym

Embrace the surroundings. If you are camping or on a beach holiday, head to the water for your workouts. In the countryside or even in a city that has amazing parks, head out and explore by running, walking, biking or even look at horse riding for a more adventurous twist. Try surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, or kite surfing to get some fresh air and wake up some muscles you may never have known you had.

And finally treat yourself!

Treat yourself on just one day only and bin the rest – let’s face it, to bin all of your choccy treats can be really hard. If you do decide to treat yourself, make it one day only so you can get back on track with your training and healthy eating the very next day. Vow to bin uneaten chocolate on Easter Monday morning.


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The Easter holidays are filled with temptation but you can take these easy steps to stay fit and healthy this holiday.

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